hunger strike protest on the international day for human rights


Mohammad Al- bjadi, a political reform figure and human rights activist, also one of the cofounders of Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), who is now imprisoned in al- Hayer political prison in Riyadh, began a hunger strike for the 3rd time on September 19, 2012 to protest maltreatment. Reports say Albjadi was moved into solitary confinement, and since Albjadi began his hunger strike, there have been no phone calls from him, and non of his family were able to visits him.
Lately, some reports of the deterioration of his health and him being subjected to force-feeding by the prison administration were leaked. Many worry for Albjadi’s life, specially since the Saudi authorities have ignored reports and statements confirming his hunger strike and condemning the arbitrariness of the authorities. Saudi authorities did not inform his family of his condition despite the fact that he has been on strike for over 80 days.
It is known that Albjdai has engaged in hunger strike protests before; the first one was to protest MOI secret trail; where he insisted on having a public and just trail at the general court. Thus, his case was suspended , and that led to his second hunger strike which lasted for one month. Albjadi ended his hunger strike after he was forcefully moved to the MOI trail. Abdullatif Al- Abdullatif, a judge at the Specialized Penal Court of MOI, has sentenced Al-bjadi- on April 10, 2012, to 4 years of imprisonment and an additional 5 years of travel ban for the following charges:
1. setting up an unlicensed organisation, i.e, ( ACPRA).
2. denouncing the Government (because he uncovered the torture and death of a Yamani prisoner named Alda’ees.)
3. challenged the independence of the judiciary system.
4. encouraging families of political prisoners to rally and protest.
5. Position of banned books (these books were bought from Riyadh international book fair)
Al-bjadi was imprisoned twice by the Saudi authorities; first one was from September 4, 2007 till January 1, 2008. The second one was from January 9 till January 11, 2008, he was accused of helping families of political prisoners to protest. (for more information check the first statement)
His hunger strike is a clear message of refusing the unjust treatment he was subjected to. It is also a legitimate act of non-violent resistance prisoners resort to after losing all hope of justice or when their rights and dignity is violated.
Al-bjadi’s life is in danger, and we hold the MOI and the Head of the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution full responsiblity for his physical and psychological safety, for they have not only imprisoned Albjadi due to his human rights activities, but also tried tarnish his reputation .
Due to our determination to support and publicize Al-bjadi’s case through acts of non-violent resistance, we would like to announce Monday December 10, 2012 as an international hunger strike day in solidarity with the third hunger strike of the Saudi human right activist Mohammad Al-bjadi, imprisoned in Saudi jails.
Over 250 people will participate in this hunger strike, some of the most influential names include:
– Dr. Matrok Al-Falih , Political science professor and reformist – KSA
– Dr. AbdulKareem Al-Khuder, member of ( ACPRA) – KSA
– Issa Hamid Al-Hamid, member of ( ACPRA) – KSA
– Dr. Mohammad Al-Qahtani, member of ( ACPRA) – KSA
– Dr. Halah Al-Dosari, social services researcher – KSA
– Reem Al-Saoi, blogger -KSA
– Abdullah Al-Oadah, PHD of Law student – USA
– Ameerah Ahmed, college student – KSA
– Abdulrahman Al-Ghanim, retired – Kuwait
– Dr. Aziza Al-Yousif, university lecturer – KSA
– Foud Al-Farahan, Blogger – KSA
– Hadeel Abo Qurais, human rights activist – Kuwait
Some supporters decided to continue with the hunger strike; Abdullah al shadi – consultant psychiatrist – and an activist named Hatem, for instance, decided to continue their hunger strike protest for one week. Where as Asma alharbi decided to stay on strike for 3 days.
The first campaign of albjadi’s site was organizing a global hunger strike protest on the international day for human rights, which over 260 people joined to show solidarity with Mohammad albjadi
Our campaign in media:
With protests banned, public “hunger strike” to support jailed activist‏

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